Wapka image filelist code with thumbnail preview and next page

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This wapka Image file list code allows you to display your images with resizable thumbnail preview , file size and image title In my previous tutorial i have mentioned other wapka file list codes with thumbnail previews such

Wapka image filelist code with thumbnail preview and next page

we are still coming up with other filelist codes codes such as the games and video filelist codes with thumbnail previews

Now For those who are newbies and don't know how to get your wapka file manager directory ID follow bellow steps carefully

Login your wapka admin mode and Click on Edit site and select content manager

now all your file categories will appear let say you want to get directory id for music all you have
and all your music categories will appear


wapkaYou are going to do this for images not music because this is a file list code for Images, to get the cid for apps , games , videos etc you can repeat this process by selecting any of your categories as explained above

Now let say you have gotten your Cid number for your image just copy bellow code and paste it via wml/HTML section
:list-image:cid=:geti-cid(4358042):,l=12,s=:geti-number(1):,o=id::<table width="99%"><td class="menu"><img src="%thumburl%" width="70" height="70"/></td><td class="Minu" align="botton"><a href="%viewurl%"> %title%</a><br/>» Size-%filesize%<br/>:ic-382: Hits-%downtotal%]</td></table>:: :/list-image:<div class="menu">:paging:n=:geti-number(1):,u=site_122.%ext%?get- cid=:geti-cid(4358042):&get-number=%n% ::<b><table border="1" width="100%" class="Minu"><td width="20%"> %prev% </td><td width="20%"> %n% </td><td width="20%"> %n%</td><td width="20%"> %next% </td> <td width="20%">%last%</td></table></b><div class="Minu"><form method="get" action="site_:getid-site:.xhtml"><b style="color:red">Jump Page:</b> <input type="text" name="get-number" size="4" value=":get-number:" maxlength="25" size="5" style="background:url(http://odiakhati.xtgem.com/images/osr/icon-with-question-mark-hi.png) no-repeat right center #fff; padding-right:17px;"/><input type="submit" value="Go »"/></form></div>:/paging: </div>

From the above code change 4558042 with your own image directory Id note it appears in two places inside the code so don't make mistakes by changing only one. after that change 122 to the page ID you pasted the code e.g if it is homepage change 122 in the above code to 0 (zero) etc