Wapka update your profile notification code and settings same as facebook style wapka code

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If you have been visiting top wapka sites like 9jabaze , after registering and having logged in you will be notified that your profile need to be updated. Even Facebook also have the same feature where you will be notified to complete your profile and the percentage of the

Wapka update your profile notification code and settings same as facebook style wapka code


This will help your site visitors always remember to complete their profile settings and update.
You can add this wapka code to your header section of your wapka site but set the visibility only for logged users so that only logged users can see it. the non logged users of your site don't need it because they aren't registered yet.

Wapka Profile settings Notification Code
<div class="hide_fill_pro"><b><div class="mainblok"><div class="blgttl">Notification <span style="float:right; font-width:blod;">70% Done!</span></div:user-prvar-20:><a href=":url-usr-profile:"><div class="list2"><table width="100%"><tr><td><img class="list2" src="http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/wp-content/advice_large.gif" width="43" height="40"/></td><td>Hi Dear <font color="red"> :user-tname:</font> You must Complete Your Information!</td></tr></table></div></a></div></b></div>
The above code after setting it will show the users names e.g Kennedy you haven't completed your profile 70%You don't need to change anything from the above code it's already well customised to fit any CSS style but the notification text can be customised you can make it more attractive so that users will heed to the command you can go like please update your profile, lest our sever may block your account in the next 2days!

Where will I paste the wapka profile settings notification code?
just login your wapka site admin mode click on the edit site button Now scroll and click on Add autocontent from the given options

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Select header because we want the code to appear in our header or top section of our site where users can easily see the notification

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After that a new page will open which is the header .just scroll down the page and click on edit site select HTML/WLM from the options and put the above code set the visibility for only logged usees then save your settings. you are done. Now you have successfully set the profile update notification system for your wapka site

Hope you understand if not you can comment bellow and if you still get it we love your comment tell us it works for you it will empowers to give more codes and wapka tutorials here!!!!