Celebrating Our Virgin Friend’s 21st Birthday

Hi fans, before I dig into my story, let me convey a few thoughts that all you fans (400+) have asked me in emails.

Hi fans, before I dig into my story, let me convey a few thoughts that all you fans (400+) have asked me in emails.

I have received so many emails and I have replied to each one of you. Some of you who are writers and write stories for this prestigious site, have told me that it takes a lot of time before your stories are published.

I got in touch with their Help Desk. They informed me that the delay is due to many stories being copy-pasted from other sites on the Internet. They said they check every story submitted and have tools by which they can check if a story has been “stolen” from any site worldwide.

As you also must be aware, in order for a story to be posted, the minimum words are 1000 words and the maximum are 4000 words. Also if you post your story on one of the ISS sites, it cannot be repeated on their sister sites. Do keep this in mind when posting your story.

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Here is the link to the 3rd part of my present story:

Do read starting from Part 1, so that you can enjoy the sequence of events.

I have received many emails from girls/women who have confided in me (being a woman myself) about their personal sexual experiences. I thought I will post them here (with their permission). I have also kept their names (with their permission).

So let’s continue with part 4 of our story.

I gave her the assignment. She was happy that she could submit before the day ended. (Last lines of Part 3).

You have already read in the earlier parts, how I tasted my servant Akash’s cock and how it ended up in my pussy. None of this was planned, but it just happened.

All you readers must be waiting to hear how Alka’s mom (Ms. Khadoos) and Akash had their first fuck. Even I was thinking all night how such a strict Indian woman could get fucked by this young boy. It was a classic case of MILF fuck and how young boys get attracted to mature women.

The next day, I told my friends that I was not feeling too well and would not be coming to college. Alka asked me if I was having my periods. I told her that I had some pain in my stomach.

Actually, the pain was in my pussy. This was sweet pain really, with all the fucking that the servant boy Akash, had done to my pussy. Though my pussy had become red and cunt lips were slightly swollen because of all the robust fucking, the pain had disappeared.

I was looking forward to having another fuck session and cooling down the heat in my pussy. But as we all girls and women know, this heat can never be doused and keeps increasing. Just as a flame needs oil to burn, so also our pussies supply the juices for the cock to do its magic in our cunts.

I had phoned Akash that I would be coming at 10:30 am. He was enthusiastic and told me that he would be waiting for me. He turned on the camera on his phone and took out his semi-erect cock from his shorts to show it to me.

I was happy to see his erection and wanted to hold his cock there and then. He told me to give a kiss to his cock, which I happily did over the phone. On camera his cock looked massive and I wondered how I could take such a big one in my pussy. But I remembered I had just done so yesterday.

He wanted to talk “dirty” on the phone, but I told him that he can tell me when I come there. So at the appointed hour, I reached the flat. I did not even have to ring the bell. He was waiting with the door open to invite me in. He then closed the door and gave me a long passionate kiss. I found myself responding.

He was a good kisser and probed deep into my mouth with his tongue. He asked me to give him my tongue and then he sucked my tongue. Lots of salivae were exchanged and some of it fell on both our chins.

We both licked all the saliva from each other’s chins. No wonder he had become an expert under the guidance and teaching of Ms. Khadoos.

I told him, “Aaj tum muje batao, tumne Maalkin ko pehli bar kaisa choda?” (Today you tell me how you fucked your Maalkin the first time?)

He was reluctant to tell me.

Then I asked him, “Tumhara dil “Baby” ko chodne ka hota hai ke nahi?” (Many times you desire to fuck ‘Baby’ (Alka know))?

He said, “Haan bahut dil hota hai. Bahut bar meine mera haat uska badan pe phiraya, aur gaand ko bhi haat lagaya, but usko laga ki gaalti se hua.” (Yes, I want to fuck her very badly. Many times, I have touched her body and also touched her arse deliberately, but she thinks that I did it accidentally).

“Kahi baar raat ko, mein ne “baby” ko, uske kamre mein naangi sote hue dekha hai. Uski choot mein badi-badi kaali baal hein, Maalkin jaise.”
(Many times at night, I have seen ‘baby’ sleeping in her room naked as she does not close the door. She has long black pubic hair, just like my Maalkin (her mother).

“Usne kahi bar kaha bhi hai, ki mai maa ko tumahare barae mein shikayat karungi. Aur maa ko bata bhi diya.” (She has warned me many times that she will tell her mother about me. And she has told her mother also).

“Magar Maalkin hamesha mera side leti hai aur kehti hai, “Akash aacha ladka hai. Mein usko achi tarah pechanti hoon.”

“Woh mera sub kuch sunta hai aur jo bhi mein kehti hoon, woh karta hai. Mujhe kuch bhi shikayat nahi hai. Itna pyar se khyal kerne wala ladka kahin nahi milega.”

(But Maalkin always takes my side and says, Akash is a very good boy. I know him very well. He listens to whatever I say and does whatever I tell him to. I do not have any complaints against him. You will not find such a loving boy, who looks after all your needs).

After all, it was true that Maalkin knew Akash better than I think Akash knew himself. She was his inspiration and guiding force in more ways than one. Was it not she who used to guide his cock in her pussy?

I then told him about the plan that I had thought of. Since it would be Alka’s birthday in a few days and we 3 friends were going to have a party for her,I told Akash that we would include him too.

We would have to work out a plan for Akash to fuck Alka that day, without her knowing about it in advance. There was a gleam in Akash’s eyes, like a schoolboy who has been given candy, and he was licking his lips in anticipation.

He lifted the side of his shorts and took out his erect penis which was now growing. He told me, “Dekho mein tayar hoon, “baby” ka choot faadne ke liye”. (See, I am ready to tear open “Baby’s” pussy).

I asked him, “Kya tum cheddi nahi pehnte ho?” (Don’t you wear briefs)?

He said, “Aaj mein tumahari choot faadne ke liye, taiyar hoon. Isliye chaddi nahi pehna. Time waste nahi hona chaiye.” (Today, I am ready to tear apart your pussy. We should not waste any time).

Then he lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. He caught my hand and took me to the master bedroom.

He said, “Tum jann na chati ho na, mein ne Maalkin ko kaisa thoka? Tho aaj mein Maalkin ka khatiya pe tumko chodega aur puri kahani batunga.”

(You want to know how I fucked my Maalkin? Today I will fuck you in my Maalkin’s bed and tell you the whole story).

Though he told me the whole story in Hindi, I shall translate it and tell you in English.

Two years ago, I was masturbating on my bed in the daytime. I had started masturbating thinking of “Baby” (Alka) even earlier than that. We are of the same age.

There was no one at home. Maalkin and Baby had both went outside and I had finished the assignments. I had found a similar type of magazine (which you had caught me reading last time) in Maalkin’s cupboard when I was cleaning it. It had only pictures.

The pictures were of a teacher and how she punishes one of her male students for not doing his homework. First, she catches his ear and then makes him turn around and with a cane, canes his bum.

Then she says she wants to see the cane marks on his bum. She makes him remove his trousers and now he is only in his briefs and shirt. But she says she cannot see the marks and she herself removes his briefs.

Then she feels the marks made by her cane on his bum and smiles. She tells him to turn around and is shocked to see his erection. She first touches his erection with her cane and tries to push it down.

But she gets angry that his cock is staring at her. She keeps the cane on the table and holds his erect cock and pushes it down. But it refuses to stay down.

She says, “Your cock is disobeying me, but I know how to soften it and make it bow down to my wishes.”

The teacher was wearing a short skirt. She sat at the teacher’s table and lifted her skirt. She then made the student kneel down between her legs and his face reached exactly up to her crotch. She caught him by his hair and pulled his face towards her pussy.

She pulled aside her panty and his lips touched her pink, thick pussy lips. He tried to withdraw but she had caught him by the hair and circled both her feet around him. He had no way to escape.

His nose was jammed in her pussy and he could not breathe, so he opened his mouth to breathe in air. His tongue came out and landed deep in her pussy as he began exploring her pussy lips.

The teacher had all her juices flowing and her cunt had become moist. The student kept licking deeper and deeper. The teacher was now moaning in pleasure.

This continued for 15 minutes. She then made him stand up and she removed her panties. She lay back on the table and pulled his cock towards her cunt. Without much effort, his snake slid in and started writhing in happiness.

The teacher was moaning and biting her lips, each time his cock reached the end of her cunt. After 10 minutes of frantic banging, the snake spits out its venom and slid out of its hole.

The teacher looked at it and said, “Now, I hope you learned your lesson to make your cock bow down before me and not to look at me in the eye.” She then ordered him to dress up and go home.

As Akash was narrating this story to me in Hindi, he had undressed me and we were both nude. His cock was working his magic in my swollen pussy and I had already orgasmed. I felt I was the teacher and Akash was my student.

In between, he did tell me what happened. As he was seeing the pictures and fantasizing about Alka, his Maalkin came home early that day.

Normally she would ring the bell and he would open the door. But that day, she opened the door with her keys and saw me in my room, with literally my pants down and my boy-cock in the palm of my hands. I was ashamed and frightened. But she did not scold or shout at me.

She took my cock in her hands and said that I had grown up. She told me that there was nothing to be ashamed of and masturbating was normal. She surprised me when she said, that even she masturbates. I had thought only boys and girls masturbate. Then she told me that from that day we will both help each other to masturbate.

I was shocked. I could understand that she would pull my cock up and down and help to masturbate and discharge my white liquid. But I did not know how I will be able to make her masturbate, since she did not have a cock like me.

I was so innocent and bhola-bhala. She had seen me, seeing the pictures in her magazine. She told me, “You have some idea about what we have to do.” She asked me if I had seen any woman naked? I replied an innocent, “No.”

She took off her saree and blouse. Now, she was in her petticoat and bra. She told me that from that day when she comes home I have to help her to undress.

She told me to come behind her and remove her bra hooks. I was hesitant but wanted to please my Maalkin and do whatever she said. With fumbling hands, I removed the hooks. Then she called me in front of her. I was fascinated to see her big, perky round boobs, which were more than a handful.

I had only seen boobs in that picture book I had found in her cupboard and never seen how real boobs look. She took my hand and placed it on one of her boobs. It was so soft and mullayam.

Then she asked me if I remember sucking milk from my mother’s breasts? I said, “No.” She then sat down on the bed and made me lie down with my head in her bosom.

She told me to suck on her nipples. I caught it between my teeth. She screamed. She said I should be gentle and only use my lips and not my teeth. She then explained to me to use my tongue to circle the areola.

I could feel her nipples growing in my mouth. I was imagining myself as the student who had sucked his teacher in the picture book. My cock began pulsating.

She saw this and made me lie down properly on her bed. Then she removed her petticoat and was now only in her panties, which were pink-colored with a floral design.

I had many times put this for drying on the clothesline, but that time I had not thought of it as a sexual item. Today I know that it is close to the precious pussy that every man wants to make his own.

But now it was looking sooo erotic as my Maalkin was wearing it. Just the thought that it was so close to my Maalkin’s pussy and ass made my cock hard. Then she lay down between my legs and took hold of my cock in her hands.

She lovingly stroked it. Then she bent down and began sucking my balls. It was so ticklish. Then she moved up and began licking my whole shaft, from the bottom, right up to the tip. It was an unbelievable sensation.

She then opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock. Then little more and then a little more, till my whole cock was in her mouth. It was the sensation of a lifetime.

It was my first sex experience. But I could not hold any longer and before I knew it, I had shot a stream of cum, deep into her throat. She drank every drop and this was the beginning of our daily ritual.

I did not fuck her that day. But it happened some days later. I shall tell you about it some other time.

I suddenly looked down and noticed that Akash had flooded my pussy with his thick cum. Last time I had pushed him away and he had cum all over my breasts and face. This time, it happened so suddenly that he came deep into my pussy.

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