Girlfriend Shivangi Agrees Sharing Her Mom In Bed

Hi everyone, my name is Rocky. I am 5 ft 7 in in height and 67 kg in weight. My cock size is 7-inches. You guys may be very much familiar with my sister Sheetal. She had insisted that I share my experience of marriage with my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s mom.

So, coming to the story. I had relations with my girlfriend for the last 3 years. Let me describe to you my girlfriend. Her name was Shivangi. I met her in college and from the college days we were friends.

After our college was completed, I proposed to her. She accepted my proposal.

I was always mad about my gf’s figure. Her stats are 34D-32-36.

After completing college, I fucked my girlfriend many times. I used to fuck her in her car, garden, on her terrace, and sometimes, in the bedroom of her mom also – whenever her mom was not available.

I would ask her to use her mom’s bra and some of her items like the many sexy nighties and bra-panties which Shivangi would show me whenever we used to fuck in her mom’s room.

Sometimes, I would tell Shivangi, that I would like to fuck her mom also at the same time! My girlfriend’s mom was so sexy looking and maybe that she was not having fun in her life after her hubby was no more, I thought.

My girlfriend would deny this request of mine and would tell me that I can do anything with her but should not include her mom in this.

After 1 year, on our first anniversary after becoming lovers, when I was having wild sex with my girlfriend, I asked her to share the wildest fantasy that she had.

We were in a missionary position at that time, and I was banging my sexy gf very hard. She was moaning very loudly, and we were smoking while fucking. (We both like to smoke while fucking.)

My girlfriend started sharing her fantasies with me. She told me that her fantasy was to have a threesome sex in her life. She also wanted to have beach-sex once again in life where others can see her getting fucked by me or someone else fucking her hard in front of me.

I got very hard while she was sharing this and started biting her nipples and ramming her very hard. Then I came inside my girlfriend for the first time. As it was our anniversary, I wanted her to feel my hot cum inside her wet pussy.

After that, I took out my cock from her pussy and sat on the chair and was smoking. The cum was still flowing from my gf’s pussy.

While smoking, I asked her to take the cum in her hand and lick it all, and not to waste it. She did this and began licking the cum from her hands as she forced the drops out from her pussy.

Then she started to ask me about my wildest fantasy. I first told her that whatever my fantasy was, she won’t be able to do it, so what was the point in telling her about it. I told her just to forget it.

My girlfriend said that she will fulfil my fantasy at any cost! She just wanted to know what my fantasy was.

I told her, “I want to have sex with you and your mom in one bed. Both of you hotties will get fucked by me and I want to marry both of you.”

My girlfriend was shocked and did not say anything for some time.

Then she said, “Fucking is normal. Most of the boys have crushes on their aunties, MILFs and bhabis. But I want to know why you want to marry my mom?”

Then I told her that her mom was very sexy and that I can even die for having sex with her.

From then on, whenever Shivangi saw her mom in some body-exposing positions at home, she would click the snaps of those poses and share it with me.

Now, I will share how I convinced my girlfriend’s mom to marry me on the same day when I was marrying her daughter!

Shivangi’s mom’s name was Pallavi. Her figure was huge. It was 36-32-36. I used to imagine fucking her and masturbated many times.

I purchased a new SIM card and sent a message to my girlfriend’s mother on WhatsApp saying “Hi.” She did not reply for 2 days. I thought that Pallavi was very sincere and that she may not reply to an unknown number.

On the second night, when I was video chatting with Shivangi and asking her to finger herself and show it to me, suddenly, I received a message on WhatsApp.

It was from her asking, “WHOZ DIS?”

I thought that it was a general chat and Pallavi will ask for some details and then block the number. I completed the video chat soon and then asked Shivangi to check her mom and share with me the latest pic of hers.

When Pallavi shared the pic, I was in shock. The nighty was till her thighs and she had not worn any bra inside the nighty. She just had panties and sleeveless nighty till her thighs.

After sharing the pic, Shivangi told me to masturbate once again by seeing her mom’s pic. As soon as I saw the pic, I started to stroke my cock. Within no time, with a loud sound, came on my phone which was near my cock!

I then decided that by hook or cook, I need to fuck my girlfriend’s mom Pallavi and marry her. I started texting her. She would respond very late to my questions.

Pallavi asked me many questions. Who I was? Where did I get her number? I just ignored all her messages and started to encourage her about her looks, her body stats, her figure, and her color.

Then Pallavi started melting and began replying quickly. I was a little shocked when she didn’t reply to me for 2 days. But, by then, she was very much open with me.

I asked my girlfriend’s mom about her sex life. She shared everything with me. I shared my cock pic also! The same night, she said that she wanted it once. I thought in my mind that it won’t be for once, but for her lifetime!

I then asked my gf’s mom to share her nude pics. Pallavi first denied it. She told me that she cannot share as she has a daughter at home who was about to get married. If anything went, wrong then she will die with shame.

Then I told Pallavi that she can trust me. I gave her a little hint that if she saw me, she will be shocked. She didn’t notice what I said, and she just replied, “I can share the image without a face.” I agreed to that and asked her to share.

Then my girlfriend’s mom shared almost 5-10 pics of hers nude, in which she was licking her own nipple and fingering her pussy and biting her nipples!! Pallavi also sent me a picture of hers inserting a big carrot into her pussy. I came to know that my lover’s mom was a slut and wanted to get used to the unknown person.

I too shared some pics of my dick.

This went on for around for 1 month and then finally, the marriage date of her daughter was about to get fixed in her home.

That same day, I proposed to my girlfriend’s mom and asked her whether she will marry me. Pallavi rejected my proposal. Then I shared my pic with her. As soon as she received my pic, she started calling me.

When I took her call, she started crying and begging me not to tell anyone about her and even her daughter. I said that I will do as she says when she marries me. She said that it cannot happen as I was going to marry her daughter.

I said, “I need both sluts in my bed. No one should fuck you both without my permission.”

My girlfriend’s mom used to call me every day and finally the day came for the fixing of the marriage. On that day when we were deciding the date, I asked Pallavi to come inside to my room. I told Shivangi that I had to discuss some personal things with her for which she agreed.

Then I went to her room. I asked Pallavi to sit, and when I was about to start the conversation, my girlfriend started crying and pleading with me to let her go, and she won’t do anything in the future.

I put my hand on Pallavi’s shoulder and asked her to sit down. She sat down, and I was sitting on the bed. Then I kept both my hands on her shoulder and started smooching her.

I told her, “Look, if you don’t marry me, both your and your daughter’s lives will be spoiled because I have the nude images of both mom and daughter.”

Again Pallavi said, “Please forgive me.” Then I started moving my hands to my girlfriend’s mom’s boobs! She closed her eyes.

Slowly, I removed her pallu. This time, Pallavi took my hands and put them on her boobs and started pressing them. Seeing her in this way, my cock got hard.

Then I asked her to leave my hands and I was pressing her boobs. I unhooked her blouse and bra also and saw the nude boobs live and started pressing her nipples. I asked her to unzip my pant and take out my cock and give me a blowjob. Pallavi was just following my instructions and giving me the blowjob.

I was in heaven than as my dream was about to come true. Then her daughter knocked on the door and said, “Come out soon, I am bored by sitting alone.”

I asked Pallavi to complete the job soon and make me cum and drink my cum. My girlfriend’s mom as pro in sucking the cock. Within 2-3 minutes, I came a heavy load into her mouth.

I told Pallavi not to drink it, but to just keep it in her mouth and get ready. I informed her that she needed to show me my cum whenever I look at her and cough. She agreed to it and did the same.

We both went to the hall. I started smoking as now everything was under my control. My GF was shocked as I was smoking in front of her mom.

I told Pallavi that there were no issues. Her mom knew everything and she had no issues with that.

Then my girlfriend felt a little at ease. I then coughed and her mom opened her mouth and showed me the cum.

I then embraced my girlfriend’s mom and said, “No issues now, aunty. You can drink now what I have given you.”

Then I went back home.

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