Me And My Hot Girlfriend – The First Sex Story

Me And My Hot Girlfriend – The First Sex Story

Hi guys, this is Raj from a city that’s famous in Andhra Pradesh. Any girls or ladies who find this story interesting can ping me on my email: It all started when I was 18 and this is my first sex. It was the month of July when we got into relation.

As we were of the same college, we used to go to the canteen and eat together. While walking, we used to hold our hands and walking through the pleasant garden. Coming to her, she looks cute and hot as well. Let her name be Sakshi. I loved the way her booty used to move. Many guys used to stare at her assets as she looked pretty hot. Her sizes were 34-28-36. One day, we both planned to come early in the morning so that we can have more time to spend with each other.

There was no one in the class until the time we have reached. Soon, we went into the class and sat on the last bench. Then, we started talking. Don’t know why but that day, she looked much hotter than ever. Here aroma made me hornier. While she was talking, I suddenly grabbed her head and kissed her. She was in a shock for a few seconds but was responding the next moment. As it was our first kiss, we both were pretty happy.

Still, we had half an hour for others to come. I took her and made her sit on my lap as my dick would touch her inner thighs. While kissing, I moved her to and fro. Doing that, she started moaning slowly. That was a great feeling hearing that first moan from her. The kissing continued until a few students reached the room.

After a week, the day had come. Her parents left for a marriage function for a day. She immediately called me to her home. I went. We were the only people in the house. Reaching her home, I soon kissed her. I sat on the sofa and she came to me with a glass of water. Then, she sat beside me. We both were looking into each other’s eyes. I can feel what she wanted. So, I kissed her.

This kiss was pretty hard I guess. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. Then, I started kissing her. She was very much in the mood. I kissed her neck. And she was moving her whole body with those vibrations. I then went to her cleavage. It was a pretty deep one. I looked up and saw her face. She had her eyes closed and she kept enjoying the fun of her lifetime. I then removed her top.

And there came those melons hiding behind the black bra. I took her bra off and was astonished looking at those black nipples standing tall. I then started pressing those melons with my hands and kissing her on the other. She was moaning pretty much as this was her first time. Then I went down to her navel. I licked her belly button and circled it with my tongue. Next came the place that every guy loves.

I removed her shorts and there was that black panty which I removed it at an instance. Now my goddess was nude in front of me. As we both were virgins and this was our first experience, we were very excited and horny. I then placed my hand on her pussy. There was a reaction on her face. Then I inserted a finger and moved in to and fro motion. There, she started moaning. Now I started licking her pussy.

Circling her clit and fingering it on the other half. She was on cloud 9 as it was her first time getting sucked. It tasted not that good in the starting but turned to be very tasty as time went on. I sucked her pussy for 5 min vigorously and there came to her cum on my face which I drank. She was hesitant to suck my cock. But I again sucked her pussy making her pleasure. As we both were tired, we thought to have sex later after a few days.

This is my first story guys and ladies. So, any girls interested can ping me. Privacy will be maintained