Sex With My Dominating Sugar Mummy

You will always find people fantasizing about having a sugar parent. Someone who can be a provider and a lover to them, all at once

t’s normal to want one, makes life easy and this right here is my story about how I met mine.

Her name was Nitya, or Nithiya, to be precise. She was middle-aged, moderately attractive and dominating as hell. At the age of 18, she was married to a business development manager, who at that time was almost twice her age.

At the tender age 21, she gave birth to a stillborn baby. They loved each other. And even then they couldn’t gather the courage to have another baby. That decision must have been tough, it must have shaken her from within, but not as much as receiving the news of her husband’s death in a car accident 9 years later. He left her a fortune, but no one to spend it on.

You can always find her playing with the kids in a garden or smoking in her balcony. I never really paid much attention to her. I didn’t really know her. In fact, I didn’t really know anyone in this city. The first time our eyes met was when I was arguing with the guard to let my Activa in and he didn’t really want to take risks with a vehicle which did not have a Karnataka number plate.

Nithiya came along at that time, talked to him and convinced him that I am a resident of the society and that she has seen me around. Not sure how she knew me, maybe she had a lot of time on hand. The guard agreed, made a note of my vehicle and let me pass.

We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and introduced ourselves as a Software Engineer and the President of the society respectively and left. She had a bright smile and sad eyes. Her dark circles were evident through her dusky complexion and the burn on her lower lip showed that she probably spends all her nights smoking cigarettes.

She would always smile and have time to have a quick conversation with everyone in the society, including me. I was young and I had problems. She would know this just by looking at me. She told me that.

It was one such day when I was not in the best of my times. I had found out that my girlfriend wanted to break up and that she wanted to date her boss. Taboos apart, the fact that she wanted out, was what frustrated me the most.

Nithiya found me sitting alone in the garden, sobbing. It was 7 in the evening, there wasn’t much light where I was sitting and yet she could make out that it was me and that I was crying. She offered me a cigarette, I refused so she lit one for herself.

I told her everything, my past relationship, the breakup, the fact that I lost my mom in a car accident a while back, everything. While consoling me, she offered to cook for me that night and we went to her place. While we were there, she asked me to sit on the kitchen platform while she cooked for both of us. She told me her story and I could see a teardrop bubbling up in her left eye. She was all alone.

This became a regular thing for us and most of the times I would be at her place, chilling out, eating her food and getting used to her showering gifts on me.

I was at her place, helping her bake a cake and having no clue what the occasion was. Her kid would have been my age today, is what she said one day. It hit hard. I was baking a cake with a woman for her child who died 23 years ago. That explained a lot.

We were sitting in her drawing room sipping some wine when she got a call from her in-laws. Even after a decade, they still called her up to make sure of accusing her of “Killing their son and their grandchild”. They called her a whore on every opportunity they got. I was so damn frustrated by this that I shouted at her and called them names. The next thing I knew is that I received a tight slap right across my face and within a moment, another one!

I left her place and didn’t see her for the next week. I tried ignoring her as much as I could.

Then one day, my sugar mummy called me up. She sounded drunk, not much, but just enough.

Nithiya apologized for the incident and explained it to me that that was the only family she had left. She had bought a PS4 to make up for it. I refused. She couldn’t take my refusal and asked me to get something else. I didn’t agree to that either. And that’s when it happened.

Nithiya: I know what to do with you.

She tied her hair up, finished her drink and slapped me hard.

Nithiya: I am gonna make you my bitch tonight.

Saying that she asked me to walk towards her bedroom. I obliged. I didn’t know what was about to happen nor did I know if I really wanted to know. So I just obeyed her commands.

Nithiya was right behind and as soon as we entered the bedroom, I turned around. She had already unbuttoned her shirt and taken it off. She was expressionless when she pushed me on the bed and tied my hands together with her shirt.

“No hands” is what my sugar mummy said. She came close to me, so close that I could smell the alcohol in her breath and then she licked my face. I did try to resist for a while but then I gave in.

I started to enjoy the feeling, the feeling of a warm tongue running on your skin, down your neck, and behind your ears. Unknowingly, I closed my eyes, I could feel the goosebumps on my skin. It felt as if my skin was responding to her touch.

Nithiya pulled my hair and for some reason, I had started enjoying the pain. That turned me on. “Don’t look so pleased”, is what she said before she tore off my shirt and stripped me naked. I didn’t know that my skin is sensitive until that day. It was the best foreplay I have ever had and there was more. Moving down, she licked her way to my penis and kissed it. That sent shivers down my spine and I was hard as an electric pole.

She took it in her mouth and ran her tongue all over it. She had the right amount of pressure and warmth to make me cum within minutes. It was my turn now. I asked her to untie me, to which she responded with a slap, no surprises there. That’s when I pinned her down and choked her with my hands.

“You do as I say, or I walk”, she obliged.

I gave her a kiss and bit her lower lip while doing it. She looked me in the eye, it was apparent that it hurt and yet she looked back at me and licked the wound. That was it, that one act of subtle sluttiness unleashed the animal in me and I started off with giving her bite marks all over her neck while unhooking her bra and throwing it off.

Nithiya had decent boobs, not too big not small either, the erect nipples showed that she was turned on and her wet pussy only proved this point. By the time I was sucking her nipples, I already had my right hand fondling her clit and she was moaning hard. I wanted to finger fuck her so I got down, stripped her off whatever piece of clothing was left on her and positioned myself between her legs.

She was wet, she was wet for me, the guy she saw as her own child. The thought and the aroma of her juices made me go crazy. I wanted to eat her. So I did. Starting from her clit to her vagina, I licked her hard and made her cum. She was still shivering from the orgasm when I put 2 of my fingers deep into her pussy. I could see a pleasure building upon her face and that’s when I pushed another finger in there. That got her attention.

It was quite apparent that she hasn’t had that in her life or at least in a long time. Her moans were loud enough to be considered shouts at this point and I was getting hornier by every single one of them. The louder she would moan, the harder my fingers would move. She had begged me to stop but I wouldn’t. She had to practically kick my hand out of her after her 4th orgasm because she couldn’t take it anymore.

Nithiya was tired, gasping for air when I came up, looked deep in her eyes and said, “There’s more” and positioned my dick right at her glory hole. I was almost sure that she would ask me to stop, but then I was wrong. She turned around, came on top and took it in, in one smooth motion.

Nithiya didn’t have to look for directions, she knew exactly where everything was going. I was hard and throbbing when she started riding me hard. She came, it felt like all the finger made her extra sensitive down there, but she didn’t stop and kept riding harder and harder until I sprayed deep into her pussy.

She practically collapsed onto me and I got up to get some tissues to wipe us clean.

I lied down for a while with her. She was breathing heavily, so was I. Trying to comprehend what had just happened, both of us dozed off.

The next morning, when I woke up next to her, is when the guilt took over. Nithiya was still sleeping. I picked my stuff up, wore my shirt and buttoned whatever was left of it and left.

I didn’t know what was gonna happen from then. Where were we going? I didn’t know. She was a motherly figure to me and has now become a real sugar mummy. Lost in the oblivion, not knowing what to do, I decided to take a shower and then spend some time alone.

My cell phone beeped with a text from her. “Lunch at 2. I will cook biryani”.

I got there, she greeted me with the same warmth as she always did. Once again I was sitting in her kitchen. It felt like she had a lot of pent up frustration which got released last night. She said that I was the only one who didn’t make her life bitter.

Said that I was someone who made it sweet. I was family to her and she, to me.

I was her sugar and she was my mumma.