Throne of the forest

About HBO games regarding the throne

A month is remaining for the start of the last season of game of thrones . This season is the ending of the TV series game of thrones and it will consist of six episodes only and each episode will of eighty minutes each . so dont miss to watch game of throne season 8 Episode 2 on 21 april and episode 1 on 14 april 2019

On their social media handle, they posted a video which left the fans eagerly waiting for the quest to begin. The campaign is named with #ForTheThrone. Further, in the post, they mentioned Who will be the first one to find them?

In the first video, it appears to be a random forest where the Throne is hidden. It is impossible to find but over the years we have seen that fans are incredibly resourceful. For this, HBO released a 360-degree youtube video for the location where one of the thrones is hidden. Not only this, a countdown is given because the fans have to successfully claim the Iron Throne before the time runs out. Someone somewhere will be able to solve the puzzle and found the location of the throne.

Once the time runs out for the first one or if someone is able to find it successfully, then HBO will release another video. They will release a total of six videos. With this campaign, they are basically asking the fans how far they can go for the throne. They further added You are encouraged to do anything for the Iron Throne which is bleed, create and quest.