NBA 2K21 puts out another scene of 2KTV Cover Image
NBA 2K21 puts out another scene of 2KTV
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NBA 2K21 puts out another scene of 2KTV لم ينشر أي منشور بعد.
  • تاريخ البدء 2021/02/18 - 10:29
  • تاريخ الانتهاء 2022/01/28 - 22:59
  • تصحيح الوصف
  • NBA 2K21 puts out another scene of 2KTV. Here are generally the responses to Episode 22 of Plug these in to procure little VC rewards.Every Friday at 4 Pm Pacific, NBA 2K21 puts out another scene of 2KTV, an intuitive arrangement of random data inquiries for players to respond in due order regarding in-game prizes. Scene 22 is here, and this guide will give an answer key to the current week's random data questions. Right answers will compensate players with 100-200 VC for use in-game. These inquiries will test player's overall information on the NBA and occasions going on in 2K21.

    Partaking in these week by week scenes is an incredible method to procure in-game cash. 2K has a gigantic multiplayer fanbase. Players become exchange specialists when attempting to create the ideal group of players by gathering extraordinary cards. They'll need to spend their in-game money on probably the best packs, players, and pullovers. 2K TV answers can fluctuate among explicit and general answers Underneath, players will discover each response to Episode 22 of 2KTV in NBA 2K21.