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Players would have the ability to put
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Players would have the ability to put has not posted anything yet
  • Start date 2021/05/12 - 06:00
  • End date 2021/05/31 - 06:00
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  • Well, I hope you enjoy these ideas, and if you do, I would appreciate you posting that you do. Or, if you have some critisism that will help, it is likewise appreciated. And a thanks for you if you've read ALL of the.

    I've looked through Sal's Suggestions Forum and also the official RuneScape Suggestions Forum, and haven't seen this suggested. Even though it has not been formally suggested, I'm sure it's been lingering in the minds of players. Clan Wars. Pretty cool.

    However, what is the purpose of it? That is not that good. How do we make this game more... enjoyable? Why don't we add a Staking feature?! It would work similar to the Duel Arena.

    The participant that is challenging the other clan may set the rules, but all of the clan members participating will have the ability to observe the duel options display and can add money. There of course are a limitation to this. It would be about 100k, to keep a steady economy. Then when you fight you have something to fight over! Ideas? Wise old guy suggested that to stake there must be at least 5 players on each and every clan. I really like it.

    Heb0 had some fantastic ideas. It's a good concept, but there's a few things that have to be addressed: How would the money be divided among gamers, and how could the bet be paid in the start (i.e. would the amount everyone filed be the same or may there be differences?) ?

    How can you cancel RWTing? Two players can each go into their clan chat and fight each other in a 1v1 game. 1 participant would shed purposely, thus transferring 100k to another player. Millions can be transferred in virtually no time in any way. Would there be a limit to the amount of money that a clan could stake in a specific amount of time? You state there's a 100k limit a match, but shouldn't there be a limit to maintain clans from staking 1m against each other within a period of, say, fifteen minutes?

    Players would have the ability to put in a maximum amount (based on how many players there are. I.E. there are 5 players on a single clan. They could each put a max 10k). It could be divided equally among the players enjoy in lootshare except everyone gets an equal share. Any extra money goes to the Clan Leader.

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