unhappy coupleHaving a relationship with a bad partner can make life a living hell; a bad partner would hardly ever have a successful relationship

unhappy coupleHaving a relationship with a bad partner can make life a living hell; a bad partner would hardly ever have a successful relationship because such a partner would do so many wrong things that would make the relationship toxic.There are some traits every good partner wouldn’tbring to a relationship, but a bad partner would bring such traits to a relationship without minding.These are some signs of a bad partner.1. DISHONESTYA bad partner isn’t a trustworthy partner; when you have a partner that comes up with lies thick and fast, and puts up acts that are dishonest thensuch a partner is a bad partner.A bad partner doesn’t understand the importance of being trustworthy, so they care less about it.2. THEY DON’T PUT EFFORTS INTO THE RELATIONSHIPBeing the only one trying to make the relationship work can be such a strenuous task, and a relationship like that would never work.A bad partner leaves the weight of the relationship on the other partner, and they live their lives like they aren’t in a relationship.3. A BAD PARTNER WOULD COMPARE YOU TO OTHERSComparisons shouldn’t exist in a relationship, but a bad partner would see reasons to compare you to everyone they know — ranging from their exes to the partner of a friend or just anyone. Such an attitude isn’t healthy for a relationship.4. A BAD PARTNER MAKES YOU APOLOGISE EVEN WHEN THEY ARE WRONGA bad partner would make you feel guilty for their own actions and make you apologise for theirown mistakes. This happens a lot in so many relationships and it’s just unfair and unhealthy. While a good partner would take responsibilities for their action, a bad partner would transfer the blame.5. DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR HAPPINESSThe happiness of both partners is important in a relationship. When both partners are happy then the relationship would be better, but a bad partnerwould only seek his/her own happiness without caring for their partner.6. THEY KEEP REMINDING YOU OF YOUR MISTAKESA bad partner would remind you of everything that you do wrong and every mistake you have made. Such a partner doesn’t forgive and clearly doesn’t forget. Moreover, such a partner wouldn’t acknowledge his/her own mistakes.7. SELFISHNESSA bad partner is a selfish partner; a bad partner rarely thinks about the other person — it’s just self, self and self. They regard only their own opinion and make the relationship only about them.8. THEY ARE MANIPULATIVEThey are manipulative, in the sense that they only want their will to be done; they think only about themselves, they are controlling and are emotionally abusive.9. THEY DON’T COMMUNICATEA bad partner doesn’t try to understand their partner; they don’t communicate. Majority of relationship issues would be easily sorted out if good communication exist between both partners, but a bad partner would care less.Having a good partner is essential for the success of a relationship; you cannot have a bad partner and expect a good relationship

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