how to change wapka default online and offline text to icons wapka code

It sucks seeing your wapka default offline and online text instead of icons. put icon to represent online and offline text will not only add beauty to your site but also make you look more professional to someone using ordinary default online and offline text.

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Today am going to teach you briefly with screenshot on how you can change your wapka online and offline default wapka text to icons
==> login to your account

==>from your site list select on the site you want to set this for then scroll down

==>scroll down your dashboard you will see a link with the title edit texts click on it

==> A new page will open then you will see private Message/friends.


==>Click on then scroll down you will see off-line and on-line among the list....not the list is many but look carefully you will find the off-line and the On-line

in the space for off-line put this code
<img src="" alt="offline" />

!!!And the result for the offline wil later appear on your site As

In the place for on-line put this code
<img src="" alt="online" />
!!And the result for the offline wil later appear on your site As

You can now save your settings

log in to your site and chek any where Offline and Online status are supported i.e in your Messages in forum and see your work

any problem? comment bellow

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