My landlord Fucked Me And Took My Virginity

Hi, I am Payal and I am from Tamil Nadu. I went to Bangalore in search of a job and got a very low-paying job there. Then I lived alone and was facing financial problems. My tenant made use of these situations and took my virginity.



I was 26 years old and he was 31. His name was Ravi. I lived in their house on the second floor which was 1 bhk. His family lived on the ground floor and the first floor was usually empty.

He was well aware of my condition and wanted to take advantage. I sometimes noticed him looking at me in a dirty way. One day I got a call from my boss. He told me that I was fired from the job because of not performing well.

I was very sad and broke into tears. I didn’t know how, but he came to me at the exact moment to consolidate me. That was on Sunday and I was wearing a green round neck t-shirt and loose trousers. I had tied my hair in a ponytail with a thin black rubber band.

(my eyes were teary and he came to me and sat beside me. We were on the roof)

He: What happened Payal? why are you sad?

Me: It’s nothing.

He: Tell me, I may help you. Btw my father was telling me to inform you, that your rent is due. Pay it, or he will ask you to leave.

(I became sadder)

He: Why are you crying? What happened?

(he came very close to me and held my thighs)

Me: My boss just fired me from my job and now the rent. I don’t have money.

He: Don’t worry, I will talk with my father.

Me: Please.

Then I broke into tears and he hugged me. I was very sad and rested my head on his shoulders. After some time, I stood up and went inside my room.

I didn’t know what mistake I did that time. This was the turning point for him. He got his opportunity to fuck me. I think that day was very lucky for him. Because the situation went in his favor.

I kept on thinking about how will I get a new job and I was very tired and unhappy. I forgot to lock my front door and went to sleep. This also favored him. At around midnight, he entered my room. I was sleeping and didn’t notice.

Then he came on top of me and kissed my cheeks. I could sense it, but couldn’t know that it was really happening. I could sense him kissing my lips very softly and I was liking it. Those kisses were very smooth and romantic.

I think he had practiced how to seduce someone. Now I could feel him kissing my forehead and chicks.  I was sleeping sideways and he was laying beside me. Then he placed his hands on my boobs and gently caressed them.

I could feel him caressing my hair and boobs. Then he turned me top ways. My hairband was still on, so I felt something poking behind my head and it made me a little uncomfortable. It broke my sleep. And when I opened my eyes, he was on top of me.

Then I tried to say something, but he lip-locked me and held my hands beside my head. Then he pulled my lips as long as possible and left them.

He: I love you Payal. I want to fuck you.

Me: Leave me, stop!

He: I will give you whatever you want. I will get you a new job. I know you need money and I will help you.

Then I lay silently for some time.   Then he said-

He: Look it is your fate to be fucked by me. Can’t you see it? You left the door open, why? There is some part of you that wants to be fucked. Everything happening today is indicating it. And I will not leave the opportunity to fuck you.

He also said some other seducing things. Then I thought for a while. I did need money and I did need a job. My mind was also not in the full sense. His words also made an impact on me. Maybe he was right. I could not process everything.

He: I won’t force you. But I want you. Accept me, I love you.

I could see a little love in his eyes. I was seduced by his words. And the situation also forced me to. I wanted to get out of that situation but couldn’t, I don’t know why. He was too close to me. I could feel his weight.

He was holding my hands firmly beside my head. Then I lifted my head and lip-locked him. I didn’t know why. Then there was no stopping him.

He left my hands and threw off his t-shirt. Then he caressed my forehead and kissed my lips passionately. I started kissing him back. Then he lifted me and made me sit and started kissing my neck, while I was massaging his back.

Then he took off my t-shirt. I felt a little shy. I had never been naked in from of anyone and I looked down. Then he lifted my head and kissed me. He hugged me. I thought he would open my bra, but he didn’t.

He: I won’t do anything you don’t like.

Then he took me in his arms and took me to the first floor. The bed was big and had a soft mattress. He took me to the wall and started kissing my back. I was getting wet. My nipples were erect and my boobs wanted to be free.

Then he undressed my trousers and panties and was licking my pussy. He stood up and opened my hairband and made me sit on my knees. He was completely naked. Then I saw his cock in front of me. He held my hair, as I opened my mouth and gave him a blowjob.

He didn’t cum in my mouth but outside. Then he went to the bed and I was standing there thinking about what to do.

He: Don’t control your emotions.

I turned around and opened my bra. Then I covered my boobs with my hands. He looked a bit upset. Then I went on top of him and kissed his body. Then I took my boobs near his face and let him eat them. He ate them passionately like he had not eaten anything for a long time.

Then he turned me down and started rubbing his dick on my pussy. I was out of control.

Me: Fuck me ( I didn’t want to say that, but it came out automatically). Don’t tease me and put it inside.

He: Yeah baby, I will.

I was getting mad and wanted him to insert it. But he kept on teasing me. Then with one stroke, his half dick was inside my pussy. I felt the pain and moaned loudly. Then he stopped and started to kiss me.

Then another stroke and it was completely inside. I kept moaning. He covered my mouth and kept giving me hard strokes. One hard stroke then pause, then another stroke and pause. He was not stroking fast, but hard.

Now I was in another universe. I could sense his dick stroking my pussy. I was moving my head sideways. Then he stroked me several times and cummed inside me. I also wanted him to. Then he stopped and I felt relief. We kissed for some time and then slept.

Next Morning-

He: You have our baby in you now. I will take proper care of you. Will you marry me?

Me: Yes I will.

Then we kissed.

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